IVA Preparation

Any vehicle under 10 years old required an IVA as part of the registration process..

We offer a Pre IVA Check which takes around 2 - 3 hours. Your car will be looked over by one of our workshop team and a full report will be prepared to identify and advise you on any items the car may require to pass IVA.

We offer the service where we prepare and present your car for IVA test on your behalf. This also includes the completion of the application form and all relevant paper work involved. Should you require transport of your car to us then we can also arrange.

BHP Imports Paint, Repairs and Restoration
BHP Imports Paint, Repairs and Restoration
For Personal Imports a one off fee of £550 inc VAT is applicable for vehicles that require an IVA.
Customers who have imported their own vehicle the fee varies based on the vehicles.
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